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Now that sundresses are your official uniform, it’s time to give your happy hour a summer makeover, too. We’re obsessed with these seven treats from the new hors d’oeuvres bar at Park Avenue Summer, the Nomad restaurant that completely transforms every season. Strawberry gazpacho, we don’t know how we ever lived without you.

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NY PAS List1
Liz Clayman

Strawberry Gazpacho

Mmm, these little shooters with peekytoe crab, avocado and blended strawberries are our new favorite summer snack.

NY PAS List2
Liz Clayman

Spray Tan Cocktail

A breezy blend of Pisco, apricot, lime, egg white and bikini art made with Angostura bitters will cool you right off on a 90-degree day.

NY PAS List3
Liz Clayman

The City's Smallest Cheeseburgers

Aww, these bite-sized burgers are the cutest. We can eat 50 of them, right?

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NY PAS List4
Liz Clayman

Savory Cones

Ice cream cones are out and savory cones are in. Get yours with tuna crudo niçoise, egg salad with caviar, peekytoe crab and avocado, dry-aged steak tartare or roasted beets.

NY PAS List5
Liz Clayman

Corn Cakes with Grilled Chipotle-Glazed Peaches

We’re never eating regular old pancakes again.

NY PAS List6
Liz Clayman

Paella Arancini

These delicious little guys pack a punch (oh hey, jalapeños), so make sure to order a big glass of water with them.

NY PAS List7
Liz Clayman

Sweet Corn Ice Cream Sundae

It sounds weird, but trust us: They’ll be putting sweet corn next to the rainbow sprinkles at every ice cream store in town.

360 Park Ave S. (at 26th St.); 212-951-7111 or 

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