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Much like furry boots and Ryan Gosling, dumplings are something we’ll never get tired of. And Los Angeles is just bursting with these delicious little pleasure pockets. Here are the 11 best, from pot stickers to wontons to xiao long bao.

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11. Tsubaki

Pan-friend pork gyoza at this Echo Park izakaya? It's a house favorite, and is served with Napa cabbage and riesling vinegar.

1356 Allison Ave., 213-900-4900 or

roc sawtell los angeles best dumplings

10. ROC Sawtelle

At this trendy minimalist Chinese restaurant, you’ll ask, “But how do they get the soup inside?” Eat these spicy, steamed soup dumplings now; ask your questions later. Actually, we’ll just take another order of the pork and beef.

2049 Sawtelle Blvd.; 310-235-2089 or

qing dao bread food los angeles best dumplings

9. Qing Dao Bread Food

Steamed dumplings are sumptuous, but for the fans of frying among us (and let’s be honest: that’s all of us), these crispy panfried pork and shrimp wonders are top-notch, and worth driving to the San Gabriel Valley.

301 N. Garfield Ave., Ste. G, Monterey Park; 626-312-6978

triple 8 china bar and grill los angeles best dumplings

8. Triple 8 China Bar & Grill

The savory shrimp-and-pork shu mai minced with black mushrooms is a justifiable hit of the happy hour (3 p.m. to 7 p.m.) menu here. Oh and psst: There’s also a late-night happy hour from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., when the craving for dumplings conveniently hits its peak.

800 W. Olympic Blvd., A-120; 213-747-3700 or

pine and crane los angeles best dumplings

7. Pine & Crane

You’ll be thinking, No way is this hipster-looking joint legit. And you’d be thinking wrong. Case in point: mouthwatering Taiwanese shrimp wontons floating in spicy hot chili oil broth and topped with cilantro. One bite and you’ll be thinking: There’s a little hipster in all of us.

1521 Griffith Park Blvd.; 323-668-1128 or

Hangari Bajirak Kalgooksoo los angeles best dumplings

6. Hangari Bajirak Kalgooksoo

Another argument for the deliciousness of strip-mall cuisine, if you’ll look at Exhibit B: This K-Town restaurant is named after its hand-cut Korean noodles (bajirak kalgooksoo). But today, it’s the handmade dumplings (son mandoo) filled chopped pork and veggies that we’re eyeing.

3470 W. Sixth St.; 213-388-2326 or

MYUNG DONG KYOJA los angeles best dumplings


So. Much. Garlic. But in a good way. At this Koreatown restaurant, the famous spicy garlicky kimchi is the perfect accompaniment to the shrimp-and-pork steamed dumplings in thin skin.

3630 Wilshire Blvd.; 213-385-7789

Myum Im Dumplings los angeles best dumplings
Myum Im Dumplings

4. Myumg In Dumplings

Steamed pork and shrimp dumplings are the draw at this Anthony Bourdain-endorsed strip-mall spot. They come encased in super-thin tight noodle casings, steamed to shriveled perfection, just like your skin after you’ve spent the afternoon at one of the nearby K-Town spas.

3109 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. B; 213-381-3568 or

new moon los angeles best dumplings

3. New Moon

Your dumpling fetish has a new name: Shrimp Rangoon, aka golden wonton wrappers filled with shrimp, cream cheese and scallions.

102 W. Ninth St.; 213-624-0186 or

alimento los angeles best dumplings

2. Alimento

What’s an Italian restaurant doing on a list of dumpling masters? Plenty, when it’s a nouveau Italiano joint that has a signature dish called Tortellini en Brodo “al contrario”—i.e., a traditional Italian pasta that’s usually swimming in broth, but now has its juicy soup inside. Mmm, mmm, good.

1710 Silver Lake Blvd.; 323-928-2888 or

din tai fung los angeles best dumplings

1. Din Tai Fung

The undisputed champ of Los Angeles dumplings. You start enjoying them as you wait for a table because who can honestly wait? One bite into the noodle and searing soup (truffle and pork is our favorite) comes gushing out. So have your glass of sea-salt-cream iced green tea ready.

At the Americana at the Brand Center, 177 Caruso Ave., Glendale; 818-551-5561 or

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