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There are lots of ways to endure the next few months cold weather: hitting the slopes, making snowmen, holing up in your apartment in a flannel onesie (or a mermaid blanket). But our favorite way to cope—big surprise—is by getting our hands on as much melted cheese and piping-hot noodles as possible. Consider these 12 dishes your winter best friends.

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lukes lobster grilled cheese
Luke’s Lobster

Lobster Grilled Cheese at Luke’s Lobster

Leave it to Luke’s to come up with the perfect cold-weather answer to the inherently summery lobster roll (though, let’s be real, we’ll eat them year-round). Take lobster, add melted Gruyère and buttery toasted bread and prepare to swoon.

Multiple locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn;

ippudo sesame vegetarian ramen
Katie Burton

Sesame Ramen at Ippudo

When it comes to ramen, our love takes many forms: tonkotsu, shoyu, miso… So we were overjoyed when the venerated noodle temple introduced a brand-new, umami-rich vegetarian broth that’s just as slurp-worthy as its meaty predecessors.

Two locations in Manhattan;

Black Tap x Jars by Dani milkshakes
Black Tap

Black Tap x Jars by Dani Milkshakes

Two of our favorite desserts join forces for the ultimate rainbow-sprinkled indulgence at the Jars by Dani pop-up. Best of all, it’s for a great cause: Bring a toy to donate between 2 and 4 p.m. on December 2 and 3 and you’ll receive one of these babies as a thank-you.

189 Lafayette St. (between Broome and Grand sts.); 

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congee village

Congee at Congee Village

OK, the savory rice porridge may not be the most photogenic dish to post on Instagram (it looks like, well, porridge), but we swear there’s nothing better to warm your bones on a freezing December day.

Two locations in Manhattan;

lilia cacio e pepe fritelle

Cacio e Pepe Fritelle at Lilia

Yep, that’s right: The pasta dish that’s the definition of pure, simple comfort is available in the form of crispy, bite-size fritters that are even more addictive than they sound.

567 Union Ave. (at N. Tenth St.), Brooklyn; 718-576-3095 or 

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levain bakery chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate-Chip-Walnut Cookie at Levain Bakery

Nothing cures the winter blues like the ooey-gooiest cookie money can buy. Better get a couple dark-chocolate-peanut-butter-chip cookies too—just to be safe.

Two locations in Manhattan;

baked cheese haus cheese on a stick
Baked Cheese Haus

Cheese on a Stick at Baked Cheese Haus

Crispy. Melty. Mitten removal not required.

Winter Village at Bryant Park, 40th to 42nd sts. (between Fifth and Sixth aves.);

mister hotpot

Hot Pot at Mister Hotpot

It can be tough to rally your squad when temps drop into the 30s. But nothing brings people together like a hands-on feast of every kind of meat and vegetable imaginable. (Bonus: Expect cheesy Christmas decorations galore through the end of the month.) 

Two locations in Brooklyn and Queens;

olmsted smores

DIY S’mores at Olmsted

Wear an extra layer, head to the back patio and toast marshmallows to your heart’s content with a tin of hot coals right at your table. (If sitting indoors is nonnegotiable, the caramel-apple doughnuts make an acceptable substitute.)

659 Vanderbilt Ave. (between Prospect and Park pls.), Brooklyn; 718-552-2610 or

oda house khachapuri 728

Khachapuri at Oda House

Bubbling cheese in a freshly baked bread boat, topped with a barely poached egg. If this isn’t the definition of comfort food, we don’t know what is.

76 Ave. B (at E. Fifth St.); 212-353-3838 or

arirang chicken soup dough flakes

Ginseng Chicken Soup with Dough Flakes at Arirang

You may be wondering how chicken soup could be worth the trek to Flushing, but trust us: We’d travel to the ends of the earth for the giant portions of crazy-flavorful broth and perfectly chewy, hand-cut “dough flake” noodles.

41-04 163rd St. (at Northern Blvd.), Queens; 718-321-0185 

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murrays breakfast mac and cheese 728
Murray’s Cheese Bar

Brunch Mac and Cheese at Murray’s Cheese Bar

We thought there was no way to improve on Murray's superlative mac. Then we put an egg on it.

264 Bleecker St. (between Cornelia and Morton sts.); 646-476-8882 or

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