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It’s summertime in a glass. It can be sparkling. It can be from Europe or California or so many places. And it often comes in funny or floral Instagram-worthy bottles. Here’s a guide to the best bottles of rosé for your buck and where to buy them in Los Angeles.

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trader joes rose
Trader Joe's


Pretty much, this is why half those people are clogging the Trader Joe’s parking (snarl). Rosés from France’s Provence region are prized for being light and not too sweet, like this selection, which goes with everything from fish and chicken to whatever you find while you’re standing in front of the fridge.

Where to get it: Trader Joe’s

LA rose pink kong


This one has all the cool cred: It is biodynamic, uses native yeast and is from Spain.(Truth: Not all great Euro rosés come from France.) Plus, this full, fruity taste comes in a bottle with a hilar label. We’ll take two, please.

Where to get it: Domaine LA

LA rose miraval
Chateau Miraval


Forget the drama around Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the owners of this vineyard and grand estate in the South of France. The drink itself has a refreshingly acidic taste (not too sweet) and the perfect blush color.

Where to get it: BevMo!

LA rose chateau vannieres
Heritage Beverly Hills


Ideal for impressing a host, this dry wine comes from a vineyard in France where the Romans first planted vines 2,500 years ago. (Be sure to throw in that pretentious factoid when you’re presenting the bottle.) Wine snobbery aside, this one has fruity notes like orange zest and cantaloupe.

Where to get it: Héritage Beverly Hills

LA rose champagne LIST
Mel & Rose

Deutz Brut Champagne Rosé ($65)

When you’re looking for a dry yet complex bubbly to celebrate something, this is your bottle. It’s from a historic French vineyard and it gets high scores from all the wine snobs. But we’re just jazzed about its delicate floral aroma wafting up in those nose-tickling bubbles.

Where to get it: Mel & Rose

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