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You’re a frequent flier at Sweetgreen and all about a good avocado toast. But hey, sometimes you just want to go to town on a plate of ribs and cornbread. Lucky for you, NYC’s become a smoked-meat mecca in its own right. Here, our top places to indulge in some serious barbecue in NYC.

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NY bbq list1
Mable's Smokehouse/Yelp

11. Mable's Smokehouse & Banquet Hall

We can't get enough of the pulled pork and cozy atmosphere at this Williamsburg eatery, and the sides are standouts, too (hello, house-pickled beets).

44 Berry St. (at N. 11th St.), Brooklyn; 718-218-6655 or

NY bbq list2

10. Hill Country Barbecue Market

This NYC staple earns its keep with fatty brisket, jalapeño-cheese sausage and sweet-potato-bourbon mash, plus live music and honky-tonk vibes.

Multiple locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn;

NY bbq list3

9. Arrogant Swine

If your barbecue vision includes vinegary Carolina-style hog, mac-and-cheese waffles (!!!) and a picnic table under the sun, this place is about to be your jam.

173 Morgan Ave. (at Scholes St.), Brooklyn; 347-328-5595 or

NY bbq list4

8. Blue Smoke

Danny Meyer’s contribution to NYC barbecue is probably the fanciest spot on the list, so naturally, you should order the prime rib. Get the Alabama “white” wings, too. 

Multiple locations in Manhattan;

NY bbq list5

7. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

The spicy Wango Tango wings are a glorious, sticky, delicious mess, as are the St. Louis ribs. Grab extra napkins.

Multiple locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn;

NY bbq list6

6. Morgan's Brooklyn Barbecue

Sometimes you need to sit at a picnic table and eat smoked pork belly tacos with a side of queso (like, say, after yoga). Morgan’s is here for you.

267 Flatbush Ave. (at St. Marks Ave.), Brooklyn; 718-622-2224 or

NY bbq list7

5. BrisketTown

The Texas-style brisket here lives up to the spot?s name?and what?s not to love about a place that offers you free meat on your birthday? (Really: Sign up on the website.) 

359 Bedford Ave. (at S. Fourth St.), Brooklyn; 718-701 8909 or

NY bbq list8.2

4. John Brown Smokehouse

If Kansas City-style burnt ends, ghost pepper hot sauce and gooey, crumbly, eat-it-with-a-spoon cornbread sound good to you, get yourself to John Brown ASAP.

10-43 44th Dr. (at 11th St.), Queens; 347-617-1120 or

NY bbq list9

3. Fette Sau

1. Wait in line while drinking spiked sweet tea. 2. Order brisket and burnt-ends baked beans. 3. Douse everything in spicy mustard sauce. 4. Happily roll yourself home. 

364 Metropolitan Ave. (at Havemeyer St.), Brooklyn; 718-963-3404 or

NY bbq list10

2. Mighty Quinn's

Simply put, the pulled pork sandwich is perfection on a brioche bun. We’re also a fan of “brontosaurus rib” (aka beef rib) when we want to channel our inner Fred Flintstone.

Multiple locations in Manhattan;

NY bbq list11

1. Hometown Bar-B-Que

Across the board, the best ’cue in NYC. Whether you go with Texas-style brisket, Vietnamese hot wings or pastrami bacon (yep), you can’t go wrong.

454 Van Brunt St. (at Reed St.), Brooklyn; 347-294-4644 or

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