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When you think about a desk lunch or a super-quick dinner, you probably picture something kind of boring, cobbled-together and generally underwhelming. Well, hold onto your hats, folks, because your opinions on “fast” food are about to change. 

Ancient Harvest just debuted 90-second quinoa, and it is incredible. These microwaveable packets (which come in three flavors: sea salt, lentils and garlic and chickpeas and garlic) are totally organic, take just a minute and a half to cook and taste absolutely delightful.

Used as the base of a grain bowl or served in a taco skillet, quinoa is a tremendous source of meatless protein (14 to 20 grams per pouch), is super filling and adds a great texture to pretty much everything.

Gone are the days of sad salads and cleaning-out-the-refrigerator dinners, because, let’s be honest, quinoa is like the Meryl Streep of ingredients: It makes everything it’s in, like, 50 times better.

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