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We are serious about three things: getting in and out of Whole Foods unscathed, scoring a res to Vaucluse and coffee.

But just when we’ve finally gotten our doppio, latte and café au lait orders down, a whole bunch of new coffee drinks have invaded the menus of our favorite coffee shops (and um, TBH, we’re not exactly sure what they are).

Check out our handy coffee guide to find out what the heck a flat white is and the best place in the city to get it.

NY CoffeeGuide List1
Ben Hilder


What it is: An Australian twist on a latte that tops a shot of espresso with microfoam (thick steamed milk with super-tiny bubbles).

Where to get it: Bluestone Lane

Locations in Midtown, the Financial District, Noho and the Upper East Side; 212-888-8848 or



What it is: Iced coffee’s awesome younger sister. Coarsely ground coffee is soaked for 12 hours at room temperature, then pressed to remove the grounds.

Where to get it: Toby’s Estate

Locations in Midtown, the West Village, Flatiron and Brooklyn; 646-747-0801 or



What it is: This decadent take on a latte is a shot of espresso topped with half-and-half and a dollop of steamed milk.

Where to get it: Joe

9 E. 13th St. (at Fifth Ave.); 212-924-3300 or

NY CoffeeGuide List2


What it is: A filter of freshly ground coffee is placed over the cup and hot water is slowly poured through a metal spout. It’s like fancy drip coffee.

Where to get it: Devocion

69 Grand St. (at Wythe Ave.), Brooklyn; 718-285-6180 or



What it is: Espresso with a small amount of steamed milk or foam. (If you’re expecting a latte with extra foam on top, go to Starbucks.)

Where to get it: Box Kite Coffee

115 St. Marks Pl. (at Ave. A); 212-574-8201 or



What it is: Similar to the macchiato, this Spanish variation is espresso with a small amount of warm milk added.

Where to get it: The Elk

128 Charles St. (at Greenwich St.); 212-933-4780 or

NY CoffeeGuide List6


What it is: Finely ground coffee is boiled in a pot with sugar. The grounds settle in the bottom of the cup, so sip carefully.

Where to get it: Fair Weather Bushwick

247 Wyckoff Ave. (at Gates Ave.), Brooklyn; 347-305-3736 or



What it is: Extra hot water added to a shot of espresso. It’s the consistency of drip coffee but has a richer espresso flavor.

Where to get it: Café Gitane

242 Mott St. (at Prince St.); 212 334-9552 or



What it is: A shot of espresso brewed with demerara sugar (think coarse, brown sugar crystals).

Where to get it: Kahve

774 Ninth Ave. (at 52nd St.); 212-256-0207 or

NY CoffeeGuide List10


What it is: Viennese coffee and milk with whipped cream on top--and sometimes, an egg.

Where to get it: Café Sabarsky

1048 Fifth Ave. (at 86th St.); 212-288-0665 or



What it is: If you don’t know what this is, pack your bags and leave NYC immediately.

Where to get it: Starbucks

Locations everywhere

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