We get it. It’s not that you don’t want to cook Thanksgiving dinner for your entire tribe (you love those crazy fools after all), but sometimes you just need a little help. Pare down your holiday workload by ordering gourmet goods from--of all places--Neiman Marcus.

Flip through the luxury retailer’s Taste catalog online, or pick up a hard copy in-store, to find everything you could possibly need to pull off a feast for an admittedly hefty price. (At the very least, it makes for some tantalizing food porn.)

Go crazy and have an entire meal with sides delivered--like this prime-rib extravaganza ($910, serves 6)--or pick and choose to create your own dream menu.

Here’s what we’d order:

1. An herb-roasted turkey with lemon, basil and rosemary ($100, serves 10 to 12)
2. Potato casserole with two cheeses, sour cream and diced ham ($65, serves 10 to 12)
3. Bite-size buttermilk biscuits ($89, serves 12 to 15)
4. Broccoli and cheese casserole with a hint of mushroom soup ($75, serves 12 to 16)
5. An Instagram-ready pecan pie ($50, serves 12)

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