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The Dog Cafe
Imagine Central Perk, but all the friends have four legs.

You’ve heard about those Japanese cat cafés where stressed-out denizens of Tokyo sip coffee alongside pampered felines, right?

Now an L.A. dog lover is planning The Dog Cafe, a coffee emporium that will offer brew-imbibing clients a chance to romp with--and even adopt--homeless canines.

Proprietress Sarah Wolfgang was inspired to start the business when she learned that local animal shelters are overcrowded, and that many prospective adoptees are rejected due to shyness or excessive barking. Wolfgang aims to show puppies’ true friendly natures and quiet sides by letting them interact in a relaxed, playful space rather than behind cage bars.

While health department rules stipulate that animal and food service areas must have separate entrances, Wolfgang’s plans include wraparound windows from the café to the dog holding area, where you can hang or cuddle with the furry patrons in chairs and couches before or after your cuppa. (Even if you don’t adopt, you’ve made an animal’s day.)

Wolfgang is currently seeking funding for the café on Indiegogo and plans to begin construction in downtown Los Angeles as soon as the $200,000 target is met. A pledge of just $25 gets you a guaranteed reservation the first month and your choice of tea, hot cocoa or Grounds & Hounds coffee.

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