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Noodle World Jr.
Clean your palate with a slurpy--in this case, chicken-and-coconut-milk soup.

After a season full of rich, elaborate meals, it?s nice to lunch on a bowl of simple, healthy broth and noodles...prepared fast and served by someone else.

That?s the drill at Noodle World Jr., a new fast-casual restaurant in Hollywood. The menu here is a mixed tape of Asia?s greatest hits. There?s crunchy, peanutty pad Thai ($9) from Thailand, refreshing Pho with steak ($8) from Vietnam, spicy tom yum noodles ($9) from Laos, and garlicky, oniony wonton noodle soup ($9) from China.

There?s even a little European action: The spicy spaghetti beef ($9) is heaping and bathed in crushed tomatoes, fresh basil and hot sauce.

We recommend working your way down the menu, starting with an app of pork gyoza ($4) and crunchy, refreshing seaweed salad ($5). Then treat yourself to chicken noodles swimming in broth flavored with fried garlic and green onions ($8).

Bonus: The serving sizes are large enough to make for great leftovers.

Noodle World Jr., 6118 W. Sunset Blvd.; 323-960-0999 or

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