What the Heck Is a Deconstructed Latte and Why Should I Be Drinking It?
Time Out New York

Just when we’d finally mastered the flat white, the cortado and the kaiser mélange, there’s a genius new way to drink coffee in NYC: the deconstructed latte. Instead of sipping the espresso and the milk together, tasting each ingredient separately has changed everything we thought we knew about lattes. Seriously. And so far, Coffee Project New York is the only place in the city to get it.

WTF is a deconstructed latte? Originally created by Slate Coffee Roasters in Seattle, it’s a traditional latte broken down into three flight glasses. The first is a shot of espresso, the second is a glass of milk and the third is a latte as you’ve always known it.

How do I drink it? Slowly sip a small amount of the espresso first (think wine tasting). Then move on to the milk--it’s from Battenkill Valley Creamery and served room temperature to mimic the flavors of raw milk. Last, sip the latte, which features both ingredients combined. 

But…why? OK, there’s really no practical reason you’d drink a latte like this. You can’t bring it on the subway or anything. But it is really cool to taste the elements separately so you can identify the chocolate and honey flavors of the espresso and the sweetness of the milk in the finished product. (Plus, you get twice the caffeine.)

Coffee Project New York; 239 Fifth St. (at Second Ave.); 212-228-7888 or coffeeprojectny.com

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