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What the Heck Are Ice Cream Rolls?
Strawberry cheesecake ice cream rolls, anyone?

Our ice cream requirements are pretty basic: It must taste delicious, a few toppings would be nice, and it wouldn’t hurt if it looked pretty, too. So when we discovered ice cream rolls, a new dessert trend from Thailand that has landed in NYC, our mind was totally blown. We haven’t been this excited since our parents let us get Dippin’ Dots at the mall that one time in fifth grade. Here’s the scoop… 

WTF are ice cream rolls? This Thai craze is essentially a bunch of little fruit-roll-up-shaped pieces of ice cream arranged in a bowl with added toppings. The dessert is made right in front of you on a cold metal plate with spatulas (think a cross between Cold Stone and a creperie).

How are they made? A creamy liquid base is poured onto the frozen metal plate, then you customize your flavor with mix-ins like bananas, chocolate or cookies. The mixture is spread extremely thin before being carefully scraped up with a metal spatula to create the ice cream rolls. The tubes of deliciousness are then arranged in a bowl, and even more toppings are added to create the finished product.

Where can I get them? Juicy Spot Café on the Lower East Side, 10Below Ice Cream in Chinatown and I CE NY in Greenwich Village offer it. Oh, and I CE has a pumpkin spice flavor, so ditch that PSL and step into the future this fall. Hey, that’s just how we roll.

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