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The Slightly Insane (But Awesome) Way to Picnic in NYC

Living in New York, surely you’ve observed your fair share of ridiculous spenders. You know the type: has never once entered the subway, considers their Park Avenue apartment a pied--terre, lets their children eat with them at Per Se.

But have you ever met anyone who’s spent $1,000 on a picnic?

A company we once told you about years ago, Perfect Picnic NYC, has upped its customization game and will gladly let them. And as absurd as it sounds…we kinda wish we could bring ourselves to spring for it.

Here’s how it works: A party-planning staff will set up a customized picnic at any location, with any kind of food. All you have to do is show up. The linens, pillows, fresh flowers, glassware, snacks and (of course) Champagne will be waiting. Simply hang out for two hours, then leave, all without lifting a finger. Someone from Perfect Picnic will clean up for you.

Well, “you” meaning the person who has a standing family dinner at Per Se.

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