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It?s five o?clock somewhere, and you?re about to concoct your go-to cocktail. That is, until you realize you?re missing a few key ingredients. (What?s a Paloma without the grapefruit, anyway?)

Maybe it?s time to stock your bar with a few premixed craft cocktails.

Sure, bottled mixed drinks have been around for a bit, but we?re not talking about those syrupy-sweet varieties. This new wave of premixed cocktails features artisan recipes created by award-winning bartenders and acclaimed distilleries. Next time happy hour rolls around, break out one of these bottles.

Arty?s Legendary Cocktails Based in Wisconsin, Arty?s specialty is the ready-to-drink old fashioned ($10 per six-pack). It also bottles up Bloody Marys ($8 per four-pack)--perfect for the brunch lover.

Crafthouse Cocktails Created by Charles Joly, the award-winning bartender from Chicago?s The Aviary, this line features just three light and refreshing cocktails, all gluten-free: Palomas, which are tequila-based; Moscow Mules, which are vodka-based; and Southsides, which are gin-based ($20 per bottle).

High West Is whiskey your drink? This distillery and saloon located in Park City, Utah, offers a Manhattan ($48) made with rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and angostura bitters. Serve it neat or on the rocks. 


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