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The Prettiest Gelato in Town
The flowers we really want to get.

Best memory from our grand tour of Italy? Hands down, the mountains of hazelnut gelato we shoveled into our mouths.

Now we can relive every sweet moment at the Gold Coast gelato shop Amorino, the new Chicago outpost of a chain with more than 100 locations across Europe.

Our favorite thing about Amorino is how artfully it scoops. When you order a cone with three different flavors, you’ll end up with a blooming gelato flower. (Cones and cups start at $5.50.)

We had ours loaded with creamy, coffee-tinged tiramisu gelato; tangy strawberry sorbet; and light, black-speckled vanilla yogurt.

It barely had time to melt before we made it (elegantly, of course--no drips) disappear.

Amorino, 838 N. State St.; 312-266-7466 or

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