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While prepping for our Memorial Day festivities, we paused at a certain summer staple and thought, Why in God’s name are they called deviled eggs? Turns out, the reason isn't all that weird. Here, the origins behind six strange food names.


Deviled Eggs

This is an old one: As early as the 1780s, “deviling” referred to the process of making food spicier. Kind of disappointing that there’s no real devil connection.


Jerk Chicken

No, your chicken doesn’t have an attitude. Jerk actually refers to a Jamaican style of cooking in which meat is marinated in spices, then slow-smoked over pimento wood.


Hot Dogs

The etymology of this ballpark fave is pretty widely disputed, but “dog” has been used as slang for sausage since the late 1800s, when sausage makers were accused of adding dog meat to their mixtures. Yikes.

whoopie pie

Whoopie Pie

These delightful sandwich pies got their name when Amish farmers would shout an excited “Whoopie!” upon finding the treats in their lunchboxes.

weird foods puppy

Puppy Chow

Pretty self-explanatory but still kinda gross, this southern snack’s name is based on its look and consistency, which resembles--you guessed it--dog food. 

weird foods hush

Hush puppies

Story has it that these balls of fried cornmeal got their name when Confederate soldiers would throw scraps to their dogs to keep them quiet--hence, hushing the puppies.

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