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The Hell with the Grocery Store. Heres How to Grow Onions on Your Windowsill
Rosy Blu Handmade

It’s the ingredient we always forget to add to our shopping cart: green onions. Still, so many recipes (like this delicious steak stir-fry) call for them. Good thing we found a work-around that will save you a trip back to the grocery store.

What you need: A mason jar, some water and a bunch of green onions (bear with us here--you only need to buy them once).

What you do: Dice up the green shoots like you normally would for your recipe but save the white bulbs, leaving about an inch or two of green. Place the bulbs in a mason jar filled with a couple of inches of water.

That actually works? Yep. If you set the mason jar in a sunny spot, they’ll sprout up almost overnight.

That’s amazing! We’re pretty excited about it, too.

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