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We’ve found that serving your best-ever homemade chili to guests can be tricky. You see, their idea of chili depends largely on where they're from.

The next time you whip up a batch for out-of-towners, use our handy guide to regionalizing chili to cover your bases. Just start with one of these no-fail base recipes and add or subtract the following ingredients as needed.

Midwest: Serve Over Spaghetti
The noodle tradition is said to have originated in Cincinnati, Ohio, but the practice has crept into the kitchens of surrounding states.

Southwest: Make It Hot
Load up on chili peppers for your friends accustomed to turning up the heat.

Deep South: Add Corn Chips
To make the classic known as “Frito Pie,” dump Fritos in a bowl. Top with chili. Done.

Texas: Hold the Beans
Loyalists of “Texas Red” chili will want nothing but meat, seasonings and chili peppers.

Northwest: Hold the Meat
Vegetarian in the group? Lose the beef and sub in more beans, potatoes or tofu to keep the texture hearty.

New York: Add a Hot Dog
The beloved Coney Island hot dog should be all-beef, in its natural casing and topped with a heaping load of chili.

West Coast: Use Turkey
Less calories than beef, you know.

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