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The Fastest Way to Chill a Bottle of Wine

Picture it: It’s a beautiful, end-of-summer evening when you get a text from a friend: “In the neighborhood. Mind if I pop by?” Of course you want your pal to come over, but--gasp--you don’t have any chilled rosé. (For shame.)

You could settle for warm wine (don’t) OR throw some ice cubes into your glass (ehh) OR follow these simple steps for an almost instantly chilled bottle.

What you need: A bottle of wine, a dish towel, a kitchen sink and a freezer.

What you do: Run the dish towel under the faucet until it’s saturated but not dripping. Wrap the towel around the bottle, place it in the freezer and voilà: 10 to 15 minutes later, your vino’s good to go.

Why this works: The freezer alone will certainly chill your bottle faster than the refrigerator, but the wetness of the towel conducts and holds in cold better, speeding up the process. 

Cheers to not-warm wine.

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