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The Easiest Thanksgiving Checklist
Organic, free-range and from the Finger Lakes.

Fact of life: From now until next Thursday, Whole Foods will be an utter disaster.

We’re not discouraging you from cooking a turkey dinner, per se. We’re discouraging you from shopping for it.

Sweet Roots has you covered.

The NYC-based service (similar to Blue Apron but using local and organic foods) dreamed up a pretty genius idea: pre-measured Thanksgiving.

It’s super easy. Go on the site and choose your items la carte. Options range from classic dishes (like broccoli gratin) to fancy newbies (such as quinoa-stuffed squash) and obviously include free-range turkeys. Sort by dietary need (vegan versus Paleo) to make it even easier to please your crowd. The ingredients and recipes will then be delivered to you on Wednesday the 26th (afternoon or evening, your call).

You don’t have to be a subscriber to partake. You just have to order by tomorrow.

Gobble, gobble.

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