The Best Cocktails from Around the World

Sip your way across the globe

You can’t always hop a flight whenever you please (we know, a pity), but you can pour yourself a cocktail from another culture. Here, our favorite signature concoctions from around the world.

Spain: Tinto De Verano

In most Spanish restaurants, a glass of this simple take on sangria is cheaper than a bottle of water. It's basically just red wine and some lemon-lime soda.

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Italy: Aperol Spritz

Come 5 p.m., Italians in every outdoor plaza will be drinking this bright orange, bittersweet aperitif. All you need to transport yourself to Venice is Prosecco, Aperol, club soda and an orange wedge.

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Sugar and Charm

Korea: Subak-soju

You’ll find this simple drink on many a Korean cocktail menu. It's a blend of Soju (a distilled rice liquor) and fresh watermelon and lime juices.

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Thailand: Siam Sunray

Vodka and coconut liqueur combined with Thai chili, ginger, lemongrass and lime makes for a sweet and spicy sip.

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Cuba: Mojito

Invented in Cuba and preferred by Hemingway, this mix of muddled mint, sugar, lime and rum is still an international favorite.

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Brazil: Caipirinha

Similar to the mojito is this refreshing drink, which consists of crushed ice, muddled lime, sugar and cachaça (a Brazilian rum-like liquor).

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Peru: Pisco Sour

Yes, there’s egg in your cocktail...along with some simple syrup, lime juice and Pisco (a Peruvian brandy).

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France: Kir Royale

This sparkling aperitif--made with Champagne, crème de cassis and berries--is the epitome of French sophistication.

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England: Pimm's Cup

Transport yourself to London with Pimm’s No. 1, ginger beer, cucumber, sliced fruit and herbs.

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Canada: Caesar

This Canadian take on a Bloody Mary is a concoction of vodka, clam juice, hot sauce, celery and lime.

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Singapore: Singapore Sling

Invented at a Singapore hotel bar, this summertime gin drink (shaken with pineapple, orange liqueur, grenadine and lime juice) is sweet, tangy and tart all at once.

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