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Oh, there’s that frigid weather we were hoping would never come. The way we see it, you have two options:

You could hide inside, prop your window open with a brick (thanks, antique prewar heating that makes everything 10,000 degrees) and build a blanket fort on your couch. 

Or you could take refuge in one of NYC’s coziest bars and sip classy cocktails by the fire.

Option two, anyone? See you at the Rose Bar.

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When the sludge puddles start to form on every street corner, seek refuge in this homey Scottish pub. It's the perfect place to sink into the cushy leather chairs with a good book and thaw out by the fire.

What to order: The Green Hot Toddy, made with green tea, honey, fresh orange, cinnamon and a shot of Monkey Shoulder blended Scotch.

197 Second Ave. (at 12th St.); 212-529-0340 or

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On those nights when you want to dress up and feel a little fancy, the Rose Bar inside Gramercy Park Hotel is glamorous, while still managing to be laid-back. Oh, and most importantly, it's warm and toasty.

What to order: The Ginger Fig Martini, made with Reyka vodka, muddled ginger root, fig jam and fresh orange juice. 

2 Lexington Ave. (at 21st St.); 212-920-3300 or

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Gotham Magazine


Housed in a three-story townhouse built in 1810, the sibling-run bar and restaurant in Tribeca is like stepping into your grandma's dining room (your really, really cool grandma who makes a mean apéritif).

What to order: The Dual Citizen, made with Botanist gin, crème de pêche, Lebanese aphrodisiacs and anise hyssop.

135 W. Broadway (at Duane St.); 212-374-1135 or

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The bad news: You're probably not going to jet off to the Mediterranean this winter. The good news: You can spend the whole season in these plush banquettes next to the fire, feasting on mussels and loukániko (orange-and-fennel sausage).

What to order: Via Maris Milk Punch, made with High West Silver Oat whiskey, Batavia arrack, pineapple, vanilla, cinnamon, almond and bergamot. 

5 W. 21st St. (at Fifth Ave.); 212-380-1950 or

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Picture a roaring fire, big comfy chairs and making s’mores with your closest buds in a log cabin-like setting. It’s hard to believe a place like this exists in the urban jungle of NYC, but when you step inside this Cobble Hill bar, you’ll immediately be transported back to the carefree golden days of your youth. Except this time, there are cocktails.

What to order: The Dirty Girl Scout, Camp’s unique take on a White Russian: Bailey's, Kahlua, vodka and crème de menthe, complete with a flaming marshmallow on top.

179 Smith St. (at Warren St.), Brooklyn; 718-852-8086 or

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Want to go to New Orleans in, oh, about an hour? Head to this rustic French Quarter-inspired bar with a basement lounge, booths made from old church pews and an old-timey piano.

What to order: The Beat Surrender cocktail manages to be both wintery and refreshing with its mix of Stolichnaya vodka, lemon, seasonal jam, Black Mission fig bitters and Champagne.

9 Ave. A (at E. Houston St.); 646-524-5226 or

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This classic Brooklyn outpost is a winter haven for a reason--if the fireplace, amazing library and indoor bocce aren't enough to entertain you, there's also a comedy club downstairs. Ha, we laugh in the face of freezing rain!

What to order: The hot Irish Nut, made with Bailey’s, amaretto and coffee.

702 Union St. (at Fifth Ave.), Brooklyn; 718-638-4400 or

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