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In a city like Dallas, you can’t blink your eyes without a new restaurant opening or one shuttering its doors.

Or, in the case of CBD Provisions, getting a new head chef.

The swanky farm-to-table restaurant inside the Joule hotel has tapped its former chef de cuisine Richard Blankenship to run the show. So we thought this would be an excellent time to revisit some of the dishes we love as well as some new favorites (fried rooster included).

CBD Provisions, 1530 Main St.; 214-261-4500 or

cbd dallas 1

APPETIZER: House Yogurt

Start with the creamy homemade yogurt dip, which is is topped with za’atar and Texas olive oil ($5) and served with crusty bread. Also order the house-cultured kefir butter ($4) and spicy pickled peas ($6; ask for a doggie bag of these) to go along with it.

cbd dallas 3

SANDWICH: Country Pate Banh Mi

This lunch special ($16) is a savory twist on a traditional Vietnamese sandwich: A generous smear of liver pâté is topped with jicama, chipotle mayo, cilantro and, best of all, a fried egg. It’s served with a side of fish sauce for dipping.

cbd dallas 4

BURGER: Texas Grass-Fed Beef

Every joint in town offers a burger, but a Texas grass-fed beef burger with a heavy hand of Texas white cheddar cheese and pickles on a potato bun ($15) puts this one at the top of our list.

cbd dallas 5

MAIN: Red-Pepper Fried Rooster

Chicken is out and rooster is in. Chef Blankenship works with a rooster farmer in Celina (just 40 miles north of Dallas) to procure the best, naturally plump birds. The dark, juicy meat falls right off the bone. (Act fast--this dish, $16, is a seasonal addition.)

cbd dallas 6

SHARED: Berkshire Pig-Head Carnitas

Served family-style (seriously, you need at least four people), this pork dish ($65) is a little daunting, but the carnitas from it melt in your mouth. Slice up the cheek and top with pickled radishes, cilantro and the chef’s homemade salsa.

cdb dallas ice cream

DESSERT: Seasonal Sundaes

A scoop of vanilla and a scoop of pistachio are topped with rum syrup, toasted huckleberry cake, candied lemon pieces and fluffy meringue instead of whipped cream ($8). Now that’s how you top off a meal.

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