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Any self-respecting Chicagoan has a go-to pizza spot. But when it comes to the best cheesy dishes in town, pizza is just the beginning. So make it your mission to indulge your next comfort food craving with one of these gooey, creamy, criminally satisfying options. They’re the best in town. We’d swear it on triple-cream Brie.


Best Appetizer: Fig & Olive’s Burrata and Heirloom Beets

Let’s get started on the light side. (Don’t worry: There’s still plenty of cream involved.) At the French Riviera-inspired restaurant, a seasonal appetizer pairs beets, apples and hazelnuts with a healthy scoop of burrata topped with apple-honey-cider dressing.

104 E. Oak St.; 312-445-0060 or


Best for Sharing with Friends: Bottlefork’s Truffle Flatbread

What?s better than warm bread topped with fromage blanc, Wisconsin Gruyère and shaved truffles? Nothing is better? except sharing said dish with friends over flaming, spiked hot chocolate.

441 N. Clark St.; 312-955-1900 or


To Get Some Greens: Seven Lions’ Burrata and Brussels Sprouts

If you like your vegetables without all the virtue, come sit by us--and help us eat this appetizer. At Seven Lions, crispy Brussels sprouts, apple saba and radicchio are but a cover for the gooey burrata on toast underneath.

130 S. Michigan Ave.; 312-880-0130 or


Best Lunch: Spiaggia’s Sofia Brioche Fig Honeycomb Tomato

Spiaggia puts a grown-up spin on the grilled-cheese-and-tomato soup combo we loved so much as kids (and last Thursday). But instead of Campbell’s, its toasted-cheese sandwich comes with a smidge of tomato jam.

980 N. Michigan Ave.; 312-280-2750 or


Best Splurge: Michael Jordan’s Steak House’s Garlic Bread

On its own, this garlic bread is worth falling off the clean-eating wagon for a minute. It’s thick, buttery and expertly slathered in garlic and cheese. But the blue-cheese fondue, which gets poured over the top, takes the dish to next-level insanity.

505 N. Michigan Ave.; 312-321-8823 or


Best Real-Deal Comfort Food: AMK’s Mac and Cheese

You think we’d leave you with no mac and cheese options? As if. Not only does AMK’s version contain six--yes, six--types of cheese; it also has a jalapeño-bacon crust. No wonder the dish stole the Golden Noodle award at this year’s Mac & Cheese Fest. (And if it’s cheese fests you’re after, Time Out Chicago’s Grilled Cheese Meltdown is coming up on December 12.)

1954 W. Armitage Ave.; 773-276-4400 or

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