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Take Mixology Classes in Your Hamptons Kitchen
Margaritas taste better when you make them yourself.

There are certain skills that everyone should have. Making cocktails other than gin and tonics is one of them.

That’s where Spice & Spoon comes in.

This on-demand service will teach you the art of craft cocktails, right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

All you have to do is gather a group of six friends or more at your place and supply the alcohol (there’s an app for that), and for $60 a person a mixologist will show up with all the knowledge and tools (think fresh fruit, herbs, bitters, homemade infused syrups, shakers, etc.).

The pro will teach your group how to make the drinks of your choice, be it prohibition-era favorites like the old-fashioned; molecular-gastronomy-inspired creations like the bourbon flip; or farm-fresh sips like the watermelon margarita.

Once all is shaken and done, you’ll finally have an excuse to splurge on that cowhide cocktail shaker you’ve been eyeing in Sag Harbor.

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