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You got stuck in morning traffic again, your deadline was moved up two hours and then, once you finally got home, you were morally obligated to like every single one of your best friend’s honeymoon Instagrams (all 28 of ’em). 

A day like that makes you want to head to the spa, right?

But as lovely as a nice, long massage would be, shirking our responsibilities is pretty much impossible.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Ghirardelli® to bring you The Big Chill, a quiz designed to help you find the perfect quick escape from those everyday stressors.

For example, before a big presentation at work, why not take a moment to yourself and enjoy a quick piece of chocolate (say, Ghirardelli’s new Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree™) to calm your nerves? Or, to make your commute just a little bit more bearable, how about sneaking in a few Pilates moves in your car?

So no matter what’s stressing you out, click over, take the quiz and find your Zen. (Or, at the very least, eat more chocolate.)

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