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Rice, meat, veggies, sauce--the basic combination of any good burrito. But what if you swapped the tortilla for nori, the beef for yellowfin tuna and the salsa for spicy mayo? Well, you’d get the sushi burrito at Uma Temakeria in Chelsea.

Essentially, it’s a massive, uncut maki roll you eat with your hands.

Inside each is a combo of white (or brown) rice, yellowfin tuna, Alaskan salmon, cucumbers, carrots, tempura flakes, sesame seeds and spicy mayo. It’s light and fresh yet surprisingly filling.

But a word of caution: It’s also rather messy. Since the nori isn’t able to fold in on all sides like a flour tortilla, you don’t have that catchall like a burrito. So midway through eating it, you’ll most likely have a blowout.

Then again, there are worse things to have all over your hands than spicy mayo.

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