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On a recent shopping spree downtown, we stumbled upon the best little candy shop that ever was.

At the new Sugarfina sweets boutique, glass jars and cake stands are filled to the brim with 140 international brands--more than half of which can’t be found anywhere else stateside.

The pristine white shop is a trip around the world for the sweet-toothed set: Think Cuba libre gummies (flavored like spiced rum and Coke), chocolate-dipped and candy-coated cereal from Greece, and matcha green-tea caramels. 

Once you step inside, Tiffany-blue bento boxes are at the ready for you to customize. Head over to the “top shelf” section for exotic finds like sugar crystals with rosewater syrup from Italy and delicate saccharine blossoms from Japan that dissolve in your mouth like sugar cubes. For the grown-ups, there are Champagne gummy bears and chartreuse-hued absinthe chocolate cordials. 

The bento box’s compartments are the perfect exercise in self-restraint lest you devour the whole thing at once.

272 Sutter St. and 1837 Union St. (opening May 15);

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