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It was understandable in college to have a poorly stocked fridge and a month-old bag of tortilla chips. But as we mature, so must our fridge. And what better way to stock it than with locally sourced treats from Big D.

Best for Last-Minute Dinners

Tammi’s Soup Kitchen has the perfect additions to your dinner lineup and will deliver to your home or office in reusable plastic tubs. We can’t get enough of the homemade mushroom bisque--made with chunks of garden-fresh mushrooms and leeks ($14 per quart)--and the spicy shrimp chowder with a Texas kick ($18 per quart). Pro tip: Freeze a few quarts and thaw anytime for a super-easy dinner.

Tammi’s Soup Kitchen; or 214-394-1317

Best for Wine-and-Cheese Night

The Mozzarella Company has been around for more than 30 years and has won numerous awards due, in part, to their creativity, textures and dedication to ancient cheese-making techniques. Pick up the hand-stretched Capriella ($17 per pound) or fresh goat cheese with Herbes de Provence ($35 per pound) at Central Markets and Tom Thumbs across the city.

Mozzarella Company, 2944 Elm St.; or 214-741-4072

Best for Staying Healthy

Even if you’re not on a cleanse, it’s worth keeping Roots Juices in your fridge on a regular basis. Our fave is the Immune Booster, made with grapefruit, orange, apple, jalapeño and kale. Hint: Keep a few of these on hand and add a splash of vodka for an after-work cocktail.

Roots Juices, 3527 Oaklawn Ave.; or 888-666-0290

Best for Snacking

We. Can’t. Stop. Live Love Pop is basically the best thing since the invention of Netflix. With scrumptious flavors like Truffle Salt, Salt & Vinegar and Lime Fresco, this Addison-made small-batch popcorn is as tasty as it is healthy (it’s vegan, gluten-free and preservative-free). And there’s adorable packaging to boot.

Available at TK;

Best for Satisfying your Sweet Tooth

This locally owned cookie company makes terrific macaroons, tarts and granola--even the most cynical vegan could fall in love with these bite-sized treats. Buy a bag or two of the caramel and sea salt macaroons ($8) for the next time you have an urge for a special treat. Hail Merry uses organic ingredients like maple syrup, coconut oil and almond flour, so you know these cookies are better for you than the average Oreo. 

Hail Merry; or 877-455-4046

Best for Carb Loading

Supporting a local business makes us feel good as we tear into flaky, yeast-filled, hand-rolled, golden baked bread from Village Baking Company. It’s our bread-box go-to.

 Village Baking Co., 5531 E. University Blvd.; or 214-951-9077

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