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Furious Spoon
Hey taste buds, check this out.

We were super into cupcakes. We lived on kale for a while. But ramen might be our favorite food craze--ever.

And a new ramen spot in Wicker Park, Furious Spoon, makes it extra fun to get your slurp on with a menu of classic noodle soups, plus a list of toppings that lets you create your dream comfort food.

We stepped up to the cash register to order lunch and suddenly our eyes were bigger than our stomach. We asked for shoyu ramen (soy, pork belly, bean sprouts, bamboo and nori, $8.75) along with marinated mushrooms ($1.50), a poached egg ($1.50) and, for good measure, some fresh Laughing Bird shrimp ($3.50 extra, limited availability).

We snagged a seat at the long, narrow high-top table that runs down one wall of the place and were soon presented with a comically large wooden spoon for scooping up the broth. (No master of chopsticks or giant-sized utensils, we also asked for a plain ’ol metal spoon.)

A tiny dash of Furious Spoon’s house-made habanero-apple hot sauce (tip: order this on the side so you can control the sweet/spicy kick) and we were ready to dig in.

The verdict? Every craving under the sun, satisfied all at once.

Furious Spoon, 1571 N. Milwaukee Ave.; 773-687-8445

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