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Sure, a juice cleanse is a fast way to feel lighter. That’s because it’s not food--and we need food!

So we were excited to try the new Soupology cleanse by Chicago chef Alison Velazquez. It looks like a juice cleanse--a rainbow of six liquids you drink each day--but it brings seasonal ingredients and actual food into the mix.

Available for local pickup and delivery each Sunday, the regimen includes an alkaline water (to help balance your body’s pH), four pureed soups and one nut milk a day. It’s all gluten-free and vegan. (Velazquez also sells homemade broths. We ordered her slow-simmered ginger-beef-bone version, $12 for 16 ounces, to later mix into a batch of risotto or quinoa.)

We started with a bottle of “Buenos Dias Acapulco,” a pineapple-jalapeño-cilantro alkaline water, which was followed by “Paris Fashion Week,” a lemon-tamari veggie broth. Our favorite soups? Rich, creamy “Hollywood Hills” butternut-squash-and-coconut-milk soup and the spicy and thick “Miami Poolside” chile-spiked black bean-and-carrot soup. The final touch to our 1,200-calorie day: spiced-pumpkin-and-cashew-milk soup.

By bedtime, we felt healthy and lean, not starving and light-headed. Success never tasted so good.

Pickup is available at 1247 S. Wabash Ave.;; one day’s soup for $70; three days for $200; five days for $325

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