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Your stomach is about to make a rainbow connection.

Want to get healthy? Forget a juice cleanse. Instead, try souping.

That?s the message at Soupure, a new local outfit that makes superfood-packed organic soups.

Its delicious recipes include versions both hot (cholesterol-busting Japanese sweet potato and leek, immune-boosting Kabocha squash and shiitake) and chilled (antioxidant-rich cucumber grape). The soups come packaged in cute, graphic glass jars that whisper ?eat me? every time you open your fridge.

Plus, unlike cold-pressed juice, soup contains fiber--you?re welcome, digestive system.

The company has meal plans that last from one day to five (from $79 a day) and can deliver right to your home. But we opted just to sample a few soups--with some crusty bread, they make dinner prep a snap--that we picked up retail. An easier way to clean up our insides and put a nice dinner on the table? Now that?s our idea of a New Year?s resolution we can keep.

Soupure is available at Cardio Barre Studio City, 13050 San Vicente Blvd.; 818-761-4525 or

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