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Spread PB
Peanut butter, pickles and bacon? Sweet, sour and salty--YES.

Despite the fact that its star ingredient has a decidedly infantile appeal, the restaurant Spread PB--a fast-casual joint in a strip mall in Studio City that was started by two lifelong pals who love peanut butter--is quite a grown-up affair. The rare bote with a clientele that ranges from tots to septuagenarians, Spread PB has a menu that includes everything from the basic “I could make that” peanut butter and jelly ($5.50) to the “I wish I’d thought of that” chicken with green-curry peanut butter and jam ($7).

The most popular option is to build-your-own-sandwich ($7). Choose from nine bases (including wheat bread or tortillas) upon which to slather one or more nut butters (say, banana- or maple-bacon-infused pb), as well as two toppings from a list of dozens (Nutella, potato chips, fruit).

We’re mad about the banana sushi ($6.25), a banana rolled in crunchy peanut butter and cut into eight sushi rolls. It turned our midafternoon energy lull into a nearly uncontrollable desire to play kickball. 

Spread PB, 12215 Ventura Blvd., Studio City; 818-980-2472 or

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