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Cookie Good
Peanut butter cups, s'mores and pretzels are some of Cookie Good's add-ins.

We’ve got a whole new outlook on holiday sweets, thanks to a just-opened bakery in Santa Monica that’s serving crazy new cookie mash-ups--and the milk to go with them. 

Cookie Good makes cookies ($2 each) based on flavors inspired by other great baked goods. Take the Rugelach cookie, made from cinnamon, walnut and chocolate, or the Holly Jolly, which is decorated with tiny holly leaves, mistletoe wreaths and red and green sprinkles. And who could forget the Hot Cocoa, a chocolate cookie embedded with mini marshmallows, or the Oreo-Candy Cane, which is rich with chunks guessed it.

Wash any of these sweets down with flavored milks ($2 for a 12 oz. glass), which are designed to taste like the delicious dregs of a cereal bowl.

Cookie Good, 2448 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica; 424-280-4100 or

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