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Straight talk: Why do we all pick the bleakest month of the year to go on green-juice benders?

Oh right, last month’s cookies.

Thankfully, we just discovered a clean, non-processed snack that still fills us up. Enter handmade yogurt from The White Moustache.

Whipped in New York City, the small-batch product uses only two ingredients: whole milk (from grass-fed Hudson Valley cows) and probiotic cultures. That’s all, folks. The result is a tart spoonful of full-fat goodness. (Remember: Natural fats are our friends again.) Opt for either the plain Greek version (above) or with goodies (honey, dates, sour cherries and the like) folded in.

You can find the yogurts at a handful of specialty shops around town (from Murray’s Cheese to Whole Foods Bowery). But be prepared for the packaging. This is not your flimsy, disposable plastic Chobani carton. Each serving comes in a sweet little glass jar that at first seems silly--until you realize how handy it is for holding cookies. We kid, we kid.

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