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Rabbit Is the New Turkey
Nope, it's not turkey.

Hey there, foodies. Want to up your holiday game with something edgier than just citrus in your cranberry relish and kale in your stuffing? Serve rabbit. That’s right, rabbit has been one of this year’s buzz-worthy micro-trends in American cooking, as it’s nutritional (lean protein) and sustainable (urban farmers can easily raise them). Plus, it tastes good--like a milder, sweeter chicken.

Ask your local butcher to have a couple on hand for you, or order a whole fryer online. You’ll want to separate the meat into sections and deep-fry it like you would chicken, or slow braise it à la fricassee, which doesn’t take all day like a turkey. It may be non-traditional to serve at Thanksgiving, but no risk, no reward, right?

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