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PureWow Explains It All: Superfood Edition

Take one look at any healthy eating Instagram account and you'll be overwhelmed by artful bowls accompanied by captions with ingredients-- some scary-sounding (sacha inchi, anyone?), some not (yum, dark chocolate). And chances are most of those ingredients will be superfoods. 

But before you write off this craze as a passing trend, here are a few things to know:

There's no actual scientific definition for a superfood. But they're generally classified as foods containing "super" high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Basically, all the stuff that's really, really good for you. 

They're not as intimidating as they look. That blogger's highly art-directed photo may look mildly terrifying, but adding superfoods to your diet can be as simple as snacking on a handful of blueberries (packed with antioxidants) or topping a salad with a piece of salmon (rich in omega-3 fatty acids). 

They're worth it. Seriously, these foods are here to help. Even if you don't totally believe that superfoods decrease the risk of certain illnesses, it's hard to dispute the benefits of adding wholesome, natural and nutrient-rich foods to your diet. 

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