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Deliciously convenient.

Ideally you’d like to eat in tonight--maybe unwind with a glass of wine in one hand while you stir something delicious on the stove with the other. But that would involve a grocery trip, a parking fiasco, a long checkout line, a lot of chopping and a big mess. Right?

Not with the delivery service Foxtrot and a pre-prepped meal from Plated, two companies that have just united in Chicago to offer a fast, on-demand way to make your kitchen adventures less fraught.

While you once had to order Plated’s ready-to-cook meals several days in advance, it now offers three meal options a week through Foxtrot’s shopping app, which delivers them to your home within an hour. (You can also pick them up at Foxtrot’s physical market at 2229 N. Clybourn Ave. in Lincoln Park.)

We ordered baked gnocchi with tomato, mozzarella and a spring salad for two ($25)--and had Foxtrot add a perfectly paired bottle of Merlot--then opened our front door to receive a bag filled with all the ingredients we needed.

Forty minutes later, our house smelled like our favorite Italian joint. Our dinner was, um, plated; and the latest episode of House of Cards was queued up on Netflix.

In other words, weeknight perfection.

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