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Better-for-You Delivery Food
Perfectly grilled salmon. Zero kitchen prep required

Every night, your significant other turns to you and asks, “What’s for dinner?” And because you’re a working woman who doesn’t have time to toil away in the kitchen, you answer with a very polite, “What am I, your maid?!”

Clearly, the two of you need to try Munchery.

The popular food-delivery service--which recently expanded to Marin, the South Bay and East Bay--functions just like Caviar, except without the restaurants. Instead, you order off a daily-changing menu that’s prepared by Munchery’s team of cooks.

Munchery offers pared-down, good-for-you options, so you’re not overwhelmed into ordering MSG-rich wontons and fried rice. Their menu items are more like home cooking (read: waistline-friendly) and range from broiled Atlantic salmon to spice-rubbed grilled flank steak. They even offer wine, beer, desserts and kids’ meals.

Download the app and place your order with just a few taps. Your dinner, which comes cooked but chilled, will arrive within the hour. All you have to do is heat, eat and spend your precious free time doing something relaxing--like repairing your relationship.

Bonus: They’re offering PureWow readers $20 off their first purchase (code: purewow20).

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