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Oh, Tang
Nope, not beer.

It takes a lot to shock a New Yorker, especially in the city of ramen burgers and shuffleboard bars.

But a mustard sommelier?

That we’d never heard of--until we visited Maille.

The new Upper West Side boutique purveys high-end mustards from the French company that’s been perfecting its recipes for nearly 300 years. As you may expect, its concoctions aren’t even close to classic yellow. Rather, think: blue cheese and white wine, pesto and arugula, Parmesan and basil, saffron and crème fraîche.

It’s okay to drool.

So, back to the sommelier. She’ll help guide you through the 20 or so different types and make recommendations on what dishes exactly to use them with. As you also may expect, this goes way beyond turkey sandwiches. We’re talking everything from salad dressing to mac and cheese.

Grab a pre-bottled style from the shelves or go crazy and have someone pour you a limited-edition black truffle and Chablis straight from the tap. (Yeah.)

Maille, 185 Columbus Ave. (at 68th St.); 212-724-1014 or

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