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Go ahead, have three.

Green tea is good for you. Even better? Matcha, the bright green, powdered--and suddenly everywhere--tea leaves that deliver loads of antioxidants while helping stabilize your blood sugar (among other healthy things).

Matcha is catching on at chic spots across the country, and in Chicago, two places in River North have figured out ways to blend its benefits into everyday treats. Here’s where to try them:

Beatrix Pop into the bakery/coffeehouse side of this restaurant and try a few crunchy, and a touch grassy, little sugar cookies laced with matcha (50 cents each). They pair perfectly with coffee and--shocker--tea. 519 N. Clark St.

Ramen-san Start your night at this noodle spot with a Bees Knees cocktail ($11)--a spring-y mix of matcha-infused bourbon with yuzu, honey and a lemon garnish. Later, wind down with a matcha latte ($4), a slightly sweetened drink that’s creamy with a hint of earthiness. 59 W. Hubbard St.

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