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Hot, round and the perfect lazy-morning treat.

For once, we aren’t talking bagels. We’re talking doughnuts. Piping hot and (hopefully) full of jelly.

So we’ve rounded up our ten favorite fried dough varieties at spots around NYC. Enjoy.


The Filled Square at Doughnut Plant

Only an evil genius creates a square doughnut oozing with jelly in every bite. Snag that or any of the two dozen other varieties at one of the main locations (or most coffee shops around town).

220 W. 20th St. (at Seventh Ave.); 379 Grand St. (at Essex St.); 245 Flatbush Ave. (at Sixth Ave.), Brooklyn;


The Doughka at Dough

It’s hard to resist a chocolate-coated pastry the size of your face. Even harder? When it’s a hybrid between a doughnut and a babka (Dough’s newest creation).

14 W. 19th St. (at Fifth Ave.); 448 Lafayette Ave. (at Franklin Ave.), Brooklyn;


Powdered-Sugar Blueberry at Erin McKenna's Bakery

These little guys are vegan and gluten-free (but you’d never be able to tell the difference).

248 Broome St. (at Ludlow St.);


The Norberweiberberweiberhydrafab at the Cinnamon Snail

Also vegan, this roaming food truck is known for slapping its fillings (like bourbon-hazelnut ganache) on top of its doughnuts. We think the name comes from the sound you make after trying one.

Follow @VeganLunchTruck for locations.


The Raspberry-Sriracha at Dough Loco

A flavor that started as a joke is now a best seller.

24 E. 97th St. (at Madison Ave.);


The Long John at Pies 'n' Thighs

Not just for fried chicken and meringue, this beloved brunch spot also rotates special, sugary treats. (Bonus: A new restaurant just opened in the Manhattan.)

43 Canal St. (at Ludlow St.); 166 S. Fourth St. (at Driggs Ave.), Brooklyn;

The Cinnamon Sugar at Doughnuttery

The Baked by Melissa of the fried-dough world, this Chelsea Market stand makes it hard to eat just one tiny treat.

425 W. 15th St. (at Ninth Ave.);


The Plain Cake at Peter Pan

No frills, no fuss is what you can expect at this old-school Greenpoint counter.

727 Manhattan Ave. (at Norman Ave.), Brooklyn;


The Bombolonis at Sullivan Street Bakery

Hi, these are filled with custard and very well may change your life.

533 W. 47th St. (at Tenth Ave.); 236 Ninth Ave. (at 24th St.);


The Sugared Brioche at Mah Ze Dahr Bakery

And last but not least are these Tom Colicchio-approved, vanilla-filled brioche joints, available for NYC delivery.

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