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Welcome to February. Arrrrgh.

To get you through this season of despair, follow us as we take solace in blanket scarves and Netflix binging and cat snuggling and...Middle Eastern hot chocolate.

Get your mitts on a steaming cup of sachlav--now being served at the Mighty Pie stand in Union Square.

It’s a toasty blend of milk, sugar, vanilla and orange-flower water, topped with crushed pistachios, crispy coconut shavings, sweet raisins and cinnamon. When hot, the concoction is milky and sippable, but after a few minutes, it cools into more of a pudding consistency that you eat with a spoon. Kinda like if hot cocoa and custard had a spicy little baby.

And it’s exactly what you need this weekend.

If you’re gonna be that person masochistically strolling around in 23 degree weather, for the love of God do so with a hot custard in hand.

Mighty Pie, 20 Union Square West (at 16th St.);

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