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Watch your back, coffee. Matcha, or the fine powder of green tea leaves, just might become your new caffeinated go-to. You’ve heard of it, but do you know how to drink it?

Here’s where to order the city’s buzziest beverage:

MatchaBar This matcha-only Williamsburg café sources its leaves directly from a farm in Nishio, Japan, then grinds ’em up in a simple and to-the-point iced tea.

Maman We frequent this adorable Soho spot for its fondue, but its creamy matcha-almond latte deserves some love, too. (Note: It pairs exceptionally well with Maman’s crazy-delicious chocolate-chip cookies.)

Voilà Winter doesn’t seem to be coming to an end. Make the most of it with this UWS spot’s rich hot chocolate--a delightfully unexpected combination of white chocolate and matcha.

Café Clover The West Village eatery serves a stiff matcha cocktail that’s more night out than morning pick-me-up. Made with Tanqueray and yuzu sake, it’s like a gimlet according to Goop.

Cha’an Keep it simple with a basic matcha tea at this East Village teahouse. Just be sure to let it cool down--the beverage is served at a scorching 175 degrees.

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