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Meet Your Hot-Sauce Sommelier
Salads: now exciting.

Listen, we New Yorkers don?t mess around when it comes to our niche foods. We know exactly what we want (hi, black-truffle mustard), and we need to know exactly where to get it. (Remember the Upper West Side joint with that very thing on tap?) 

Well, now you can get that same, singular experience with hot sauce. Enter Heatonist in Williamsburg.

The shop offers up more than 100 different varieties. It?s a pretty varied collection of all-natural, internationally sourced hot sauces, but, of course, it hasn?t forgotten to include a few NYC-based producers like Brooklyn Grange and A&B American Style

As for the heat levels, the types are all across the board--ranging from a mild jalapeño-and-green-apple sauce (great for kicking up an aioli) to a ghost-pepper-and-blueberry variety (a sinus-clearing yet sweet addition to chicken and turkey). If the selection sounds overwhelming, fear not: Heatonist has resident hot-sauce sommeliers on hand to answer all your cooking queries and even prepare a tasting selection in store.

So in celebration of resumed weekend L train service, dash over to Wythe Avenue to add some kick to your dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast. Ooo?cocktail??

Heatonist, 121 Wythe Ave. (at N. Eighth St.); 718-599-0838 or

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