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Make Dinner in Under 7 Minutes With Hungryroot one needs to know this didn't take hours.

We hate to break it to you, but that handful of peas you tossed into your mac and cheese last night doesn’t exactly count as a serving of vegetables.

There’s a better way to whip up something quick that’s--gasp--far more nutritious than a serving of Annie’s. (Don’t worry. It also comes in a box.)

Introducing Hungryroot.

Farm fresh, all natural and gluten-free, Hungryroot makes individually portioned meals designed by Top Chef Masters' Franklin Becker. Each meal features vegetable noodles, roasted toppings (think walnuts, mushrooms, sweet peppers), protein (grilled chicken) and flavorful homemade sauce. Currently, there are six varieties: beet, carrot, rutabaga, sweet Potato, turnip and our favorite, zucchini with sweet basil gremolata.

Aside from tasting great and leaving you surprisingly full, Hungryroot meals also cook up in seven minutes flat. (Love the seven minutes.) Just add a tablespoon of oil to your skillet, throw on the noodles, sauté the toppings and you’re done. Oh, and the whole thing is also under 500 calories.

Each meal costs $12, but if you spend $40 or more the shipping fee is waived. That’s at least four nights a week you could be off the hook for dinner. Evens out, right?

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