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Your tastes have changed a lot since childhood. But a good old bowl of mac and cheese? That's been a constant comfort since the days of lunch boxes and pigtails. 

Consider these three pro tips a testament to our enduring love for the dish--and consider your next batch elevated. 


Pasta Shape Matters

To get the most cheesy sauce per bite (if we're being honest, isn't that the end game?), use pasta varieties with hollow, cup-like shapes. Orecchiette or mini shells are your best bets for cheese vessels. 


Undercook your noodles

First, as your water comes a boil, toss in a generous handful of kosher salt to pump up the flavor. Then proceed to undercook your pasta by 2 to 3 minutes less than recommended on the box. Reason being: When you add sauce to the noodles, their al dente consistency will absorb the cheese and they'll continue to soften.


Source better cheeses

If you use quality cheeses, the taste and texture of the dish will follow suit. While there is no wrong combination, we favor a classic cheddar for sharpness, Gouda for nuttiness and provolone for its melting ability. (P.S. Be sure to grate your cheeses finely for a smoother sauce.)

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