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The year is 2012, and Liz Falcigno feels like crap: Her job is uninspiring, she’s never stepped foot in a gym and her idea of a “light breakfast” is a pastry and sugary latte. So what does she do about it? She makes a New Year’s resolution. (One she actually keeps.)

With Instagram just beginning to take the world by storm, Liz launched The Clean Eating Couple to chronicle her journey with healthy living, sharing her simple, clean and delicious recipes along the way. Six years and countless weekend hours later, and she’s officially left her day job (whoop, whoop!) for that full-time foodie life. Below, her tricks of the trade.

On where she gets her “pump up” inspiration from. “Can every Gary Vee podcast be my answer? All joking aside, while his advice isn't personal to me, it’s been instrumental in pushing me toward pursuing my passion and owning my own business. I have a Post-It note of one of his quotes permanently stuck on my computer: 'Without hustle, talent will only carry you so far.' It's a constant reminder that hard work is always necessary!”

On a trick she uses to stay sane. “I swear by meal-prepping—it makes my life 100 times easier. Taking a few extra hours out of the week to get organized helps me stay on track and fuel myself with nourishing foods all week long.”

On her dream day at home in Norwalk, CT. “It would start with me waking up super early to do some writing alongside a big cup of coffee. After a few hours of work, I'd head over to a spin class, then take my sweet puppy Ziti to the beach to run around before heading home to get creative in the kitchen. I'd finish up the day by cooking and shooting some recipes, and enjoying dinner and Netflix with my boyfriend.”

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