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Lettuce, seaweed and collards are the new bread.

It’s kind of a dream of ours--enjoying a whole sandwich without having to regret the high-calorie, gluten-containing slices of bread that hold it all together. 

That wish is now a reality thanks to a new fast-casual spot called Kye’s, a Santa Monica eating establishment with meals so innovative, they’ve got their own patents pending. Proprietress Jeanne Cheng heaps über-healthy mixtures of rice, superfood vegetables and lean proteins like wild salmon and grass-fed beef into Romaine leaves or collard greens, then wraps them in cellophane sheaths that are easy to peel back for eating on the go.

Our favorite is the nori-wrapped Macro ($14), which has seared wild salmon, wasabi dressing and special macrobiotic-pressed vegetables packaged in a two-layer wrap that keeps the seaweed crunchy until the moment you eat it. (Learn more about how to eat a KyeRito™, as these meals are called, in this cute video.) 

We also love the zesty collards-clad bean “taco” ($9) and went ballistic over the vegan Reuben ($12), in which grilled portobello mushrooms take the place of pastrami in a can’t-tell-it’s-good-for-you hearty mix. 

Kye’s, 1518 Montana Ave., Santa Monica; 310-395-5937 or

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