It's Berry Season, Y'All

10 fresh ways to eat summer's best fruit

Berries are nature’s answer to just about everything: fighting aging, improving memory, staving off heart disease, staying svelte. Plus, they taste amazing.

We’ve rounded up ten of our favorite summer recipes to prove that berries enhance everything from breakfasts to barbecues.

Raspberry And Lime Granita With Coconut Cream

A great way to use those mashed-up raspberries at the bottom of your pint: Make like a Sicilian and throw together this ultra-refreshing treat that melds creamy, tart and sweet into one delicious dessert.

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Cranberry-brie Arepa

Cranberry sauce in July? We promise that once you whip up a batch of these vegetarian Venezuelan sandwiches for a summer get-together, you’ll never think twice about it.

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Wendy's® Strawberry Fields Chicken Salad

When it comes to a summer salad, fresh just tastes better (especially when someone else prepares it for us). Reach for crisp green blends that incorporate filling protein and bright berries. This made-to-order salad features the best seasonal ingredients, including plenty of handpicked California strawberries, warm grilled chicken breast, bacon (because no one likes a righteous dieter), honey-roasted sunflower seeds and blue-cheese crumbles. Summer is served.

Granola And Coconut Acai Bowl

Not just for yoga people (or L.A. people), the Amazonian superfood acai boasts the nickname “beauty berry” because it’s basically bursting with anti-aging antioxidants. Huge chunks of hemp granola and flaked coconut add texture for a truly substantial snack.

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Cherry Slab Pie

So it might not be a berry per se (scientists we are not), but this little stone fruit definitely deserves a spot in any summer-recipe roundup--especially when the recipe is juicy, rustic and fit for a neighborhood block party. Add a dollop of homemade honey whipped cream for good measure.

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Wendy's® Blackberry Lemonade

Better together: one of your favorite childhood beverages (um, that’s lemonade) paired with real blackberry puree. It’s the ultimate thirst quencher for a sunny afternoon. What’s more, this delicious lemonade gets the hand-shaken treatment when you order, so you know it’s fresh.

Pulled Pork Sliders With Marionberry Mojito Sauce

Marionberries, known as the Cabernet of blackberries, pack a powerful punch of cancer-combating nutrients. These beauties have a rich, earthy flavor in this rum-spiked sauce that pairs perfectly with savory, smoky pork. Drizzle any leftovers onto ice cream for dessert.

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Goji Berry And Pistachio Granola Bars

Take your berries to go with these portable granola bars, ideal for summer hiking and biking excursions. Chewy gojis and crunchy nuts immediately boost your energy and offer a satisfying texture. Got a sweet tooth? Mix in dark-chocolate chips.

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Swedish Meatballs With Lingonberry Preserves

Move over, mustard and ketchup. We’ve found our new favorite companion for grilled sausages, salmon, burgers…even pizza: lingonberry preserves (yeah, the kind you buy at Ikea). This Swedish-meatball recipe is a classic.

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Whole-wheat Blueberry Muffins

Blueberries amp up everything from pancakes to parfaits. We love them in these fluffy whole-wheat muffins: They add just the right touch of sweetness and a punch of vitamin C and dietary fiber.

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